New Stuff Coming to Mankato

Hi all,

Because I want more traffic for this site and because everybody seems to crap their pants when they find out something new is getting built, I decided that I would make a blog post about all the new stuff getting built in Mankato in the coming months.

Every month I review various packets from both cities to see what is going to be built in Mankato. Usually only nerds check these packets but almost always everyone is interested in what’s being proposed.

I’ve decided to make this process easy for you. Scan the post, I’ll tell you what’s being and built and give you my thoughtful and incredibly biased commentary and each item.

I’m hoping to do this every month, so I hope you keep coming back!

Here we go…

What is it? “Connect Commons” A mixed-use apartment building.
Where is it? Right next to WOW! Zone on Adams St.
My thoughts: Another ugly, boxy apartment building on the edge of town ironically named. “Connect Commons” is pretty much as sprawly as you can get isolating everyone living there from anything meaningful sans Hy-Vee and Laser Tag. Also, its literally an island in a sea of parking lot. This building will be forgotten quickly over the coming decades and leaves little room for future improvement.

What is it? “Hu-Hot” A ‘Mongolian Grill’ style chain.
Where is it? In the parking lot of ShopKo, by Culvers off of Sioux Rd.
My thoughts: Anytime anyone builds anything inside of an existing parking lot, I consider it to be a win. This goes to prove that we have over built our parking and we should start looking at infill development. I’m not a huge fan of chains etc… but this is still a step in the right direction for sure. 


What is it? A huge new Solar Panel array (One megawatt)
Where is it? Up By School Sisters of Notre Dame
My thoughts: This is obviously a win for everyone. Quite a bit of land being taken up by it, but if they’re not using it for anything else, then more power to them.


What is it? Potential expansion to the Blue Earth County Government Center
Where is it? 5th Street right across from Old Main Village.
My thoughts: I’m usually a critic of government spending and this is really no exception. I have a feeling that someone “thinks” we need this because the government is going to pay for it. I like the design and I like the density of jobs it brings to near downtown, but I would still rather see taxpayer money not being squandered, especially when they are going to be reconstructing a parking ramp. We can hope they integrate some public transit into this. Always love the “rendering porn” that makes buildings look way better than they actually will be. Also what’s with the blue wave lights on the parking ramp? Is this Sea World? I would have preferred sparkle panels.


What is it? Menards is adding a garden center and warehouse.
Where is it? At Menards.
My thoughts: I’m not a fan of John Menard, he’s a huge bastard (read that article), but I’m also a spineless consumer who likes low prices. I guess I don’t really have an opinion on this because Menards is completely unwalkable to begin with and serves a clientele that has to drive. I guess at least its not fresh land on the edge of town and they are expanding into their parking lot.

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