Follow Friday: CNU 22

Hey friends,

By now none of you know that I’m attending CNU 22 next week largely because no one reads this blog.

Anyway, I thought it might be useful for whoever stumbles across this article to follow some organizations interested in the same thing. is a local group of bloggers (myself included) that Chuck Marohn is a recovered engineer that saw the light and looks to increase the resilience of our cities. He’s a genius in my book is the info and news dumb for all things transportation and cities. I seriously check this site every day.  They also operate which makes great shorts about everything we care about.

There are literally hundreds of organizations dedicated to this, if you want more you can check out my list on Twitter:

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Matthias Leyrer is a resident of Mankato looking to restore a fraction of its old glory. He writes about the economic, aesthetic, practical and financial issues facing the city of Mankato going forward.