What’s Mankato Building? – January 2019

Well friends it’s time for us to go through another edition of “What’s Mankato Building.” If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that I’m adamantly opposed to suburban sprawl. This, unfortunately, puts me squarely opposed to the people actually running the city. They seem hell-bent on spreading us so thin that we might as well be a vinyl-clad veneer sitting on top of quality farm land.

Thanks to Prairie Winds middle school, the city has had an excuse to push for new development on virgin land. This month we are reaping the benefits of that “strategy” with the application for “Creek’s Edge Townhomes.” Listen, I’ve said this before, you are literally lying when you call these things townhomes because they are absolutely nowhere near the town. You are confining the buyer to some kind of auto-dependent, corn-enveloped purgatory. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of subsidy that will go into these developments over their lifetime, it’s a lose-lose for anyone but the developer.

Here’s what they look like and where they are located.

Creek’s Edge Penitentiary Units

I don’t even want to write about this anymore because its abjectly depressing. Hopefully the city will come to their sense and put a moratorium on this kind of construction.

But hey, at least they are close to Lowe’s.


Ecumen Pathstone (the assisted living facility down by Sibley Park) is building a large addition to their facility.

According to the documents:
“The applicant is requesting an amendment to the Institutional Overlay District to allow for the construction of a new, 4-story, 123,314 square foot facility to accommodate 56 new independent senior living units with 24 units of memory care units.”

Here’s what they will look like and where it will be located.

Boy am I sick of angled roofs and boxy architecture, but overall a good project because we need senior housing especially in memory care. 


There are some smaller things and/or more boring items that I didn’t think would be of interest to the readers. However, here is the link to the full packet. Check it out for yourselves if you want.