#TBT: Why Streetcars were awesome then and why they kinda suck now.

Today’s TBT is a beloved, nostalgic subject: the streetcar.

Streetcars were an effective solution to an obvious transportation problem during the industrial revolution.

I’m not going to get too in depth here, there is a ton of information out there on streetcars. The argument has been continuing for and against ever since they were pulled off the streets.

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MDM: Coughlan Pond at oldtown

It’s that time again where I get to dream big with no budget, no reality checks and no logistical impediments!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with water. Ever since I was a little kid I would go and stare at streams, lakes, rivers, etc… I think that there’s something ingrained in humans about water. They want to be near it because they know it’s life blood. It’s also (in my opinion) has a calming and relaxing nature. People spend tons of money just to put a fake fountain or stream in their backyard just for the noise.

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Road Problems: Conversation with an Engineer.

Today I’m posting a video of a great video that describes exactly what’s wrong with traffic and road engineering in America.

As the video shows, we’re masking bigger roads and faster traffic as safety.

It’s about 8 min, but watch it all the way through. It’s funny.

The video comes from Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns. Chuck is a former engineer who realized how financially insolvent our cities are and will become once the upkeep for infrastructure comes due.

If you find yourself poking around on his site, listen to his “Moneyhall” podcast. It’s a good analogy between baseball, city infrastructure, and the financial responsibility that comes along with them.

Here’s the video:

The Death of Neighborhood Schools?

My friend Nate Hood has a new article over at Strong Towns about the proposed site for a new middle school in Mankato.

Nate hits it spot on, referencing his own past of walking to school in Mankato and how absurd the location is (a walkscore of 2).

Make your way over and check out his article: it’s great.

Check it out here


If you find yourself poking around Strong Towns, check out Chuck’s podcast MoneyhallIt’s a great summary of our cities and the failure to understand what creates value within them.

Sell the VM Bridge, help both cities.

Downtown Mankato has a pretty active dining and drinking scene. It slows a bit during the summer because a lot of the bars are college bars, but it’s still pretty good. Likewise, Lower North Mankato (Belgrade Ave) also has a pretty active dining and drinking scene, now with a bit of retail mixed in, but I think we can make both spots even better.

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