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By now none of you know that I’m attending CNU 22 next week largely because no one reads this blog.

Anyway, I thought it might be useful for whoever stumbles across this article to follow some organizations interested in the same thing. is a local group of bloggers (myself included) that Chuck Marohn is a recovered engineer that saw the light and looks to increase the resilience of our cities. He’s a genius in my book is the info and news dumb for all things transportation and cities. I seriously check this site every day.  They also operate which makes great shorts about everything we care about.

There are literally hundreds of organizations dedicated to this, if you want more you can check out my list on Twitter:

#TBT Old West

Even when these guys had all the space of the west, they built their buildings right next to each other because they understood that it benefits all of them to put businesses side by side.

It’s the same reason that you go to Blue Bricks and end up at Pub, or you go to the Dork Den and end up at Friesens, it’s the reason the Mall works. Density, especially in commercial settings, benefits everyone.

Image courtesy of the MN Digital Library


A little background on the Saulpaugh Hotel (the big building on the right) can be found here courtesy of Blue Earth County Historical Society.

This photo shows good street design, buildings pushed up next to each other addressing the sidewalk.

It’s rumored that the Saulpaugh hotel was the tallest hotel west of the Mississippi until you hit San Fransico…

The above photo is courtesy of MN Digital Library.