Turn the post office into the library

I’ve been quiet for a while, sorry, lots of stuff going on. Today’s topic: The post office re-use debate.

The post office has long been a staple of Mankato’s downtown. It’s served as a retail presence for USPS, It’s served as a landmark and a reminder of what Mankato used to be.

Now, however, the post office has said that they are going to vacate the building in favor of a more modern facility (I believe they do mail processing as well, hence the need for modernization.) This is great, I complain about government inefficiency a lot so if the postal service doesn’t see that it’s worth it to be there anymore, so be it.

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Interactive look back

Hey all,

I found this sweet piece of JS that allows you to simultaneously compare two images.

It’s called JuxtaposeJS for anyone that cares.

Anyway, gave me an idea to put together one of Mankato now and then.

The image on the left was taken around 1920-1940 from what I can surmise… I’m pretty much basing it on the amount of cars and the shape of them.

The image on the right is from Google Earth. I tried my best to get the exact same angle, but it is surprisingly difficult. I recommend looking for landmarks like the Brett’s building or the Landkamer Building.

Move the slider back and forth to witness the destruction.